Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things but learning another way to think about things. Flora Lewis

Oscar Javier Patiño

Founder & CEO

He studied a Master ELE at the University of Valencia, Spain. Oscar is a native Spanish speaker who enjoys making Spanish easy and fun for everyone. Oscar has experience tutoring students of different levels, from Primary School to University. He provides students with grammar and practical tools to be fluent and proficient in Spanish. Also, he is the founder and CEO of The Spanish Learning Project

Mayra Alejandra Silva

Associate Teacher

She studied BA in Spanish and Literature at the Industrial University of Santander, Colombia. She has gained her expertise teaching Spanish and Literature students in public and private schools from Colombia, including La Salle College, among others, in the city of Bucaramanga. Alejandra is passionate about her role, which she has held since 2010. She is concerned not only to transfer knowledge but also to cultivate the importance of language learning in a context where many undermine the education sector. Alejandra currently serves as an official government teacher of the Magisterium of Colombia, where she works at a rural school in Guadalupe, Santander, helping children of low-income in the way of the knowledge of the Spanish language.

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The Spanish Learning Project

The Spanish Learning Project is a new initiative that facilitates Spanish acquisition as a second language. Through customised  immersion programs, the project equips you with the knowledge and the experience   required to be fluent and proficient in Spanish.

Additionally, we teach Spanish for academic purposes. We have experience tutoring students from Primary School to University.




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“Oscar is an excellent tutor.  He is always very well prepared with lessons that are perfectly adapted to my level of Spanish. He’s very patient and is excellent at explaining concepts that I find difficult, while always making his lessons fun and engaging. My Spanish has improved dramatically since working with Oscar.”​​

Sarah, Lawyer